Elham by parveen is a luxury design label since 1998 that focuses more on offering clients the bespoke custom services and displaying our designed goods for purchase.
Our clientele comprises influencer personalities and fashion-forward individuals who recognize the significance of the custom process.

Rehana Parveen Syed founded Parveen’s Boutique in 1998. Backed by a double Master’s degree in law & economics. She has been formally trained in fashion design and construction. Working closely with several clients, she could sense the urge for an Indian bespoke label that could guarantee a perfect fit along with contemporary design aesthetics, uncompromising on the quality of the product. Her vision remains to provide custom-made
looks that cater to the diverse body types of Indian shoppers.
The same passion and love for business led to her younger daughter Rumana Amin (co-founder) studied a full time BBA to learn the latest business trends and culture that can be taken forward for upcoming generations who surveyed the market and came up with an idea to launch – ELHAM (the inspiration) as a online/ offline platform which is an extension to Parveen’s


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